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The adoption of NFT and blockchain is one of the key factors behind the recent boom in gaming. Gamers can now make an income gaming more easily than ever. As new NFT games are added every month, Play to Earn is becoming more popular. Metaface is one such platform.

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Metaface is a decentralized gaming network that offers a free-to earn token NFT as well as many other games. Tokens are combined with NFTs to create a playable-to-earn system for gamers.

Metaface Token

The Metaface token is responsible for the primary task of powering the entire gaming ecosystem. According to Metaface's whitepaper, there will be two types of holders for this token. The first is people who buy the token for investment and speculative purposes. The second group is those who purchase the token to play the METATHUG-P2E game.

The BEP20 token offers many features and uses, including:

Hyperdeflationary Token

Metaface's ecosystem implements policies that make MFT token hyper-deflationary. One policy is manual token burning. According to the whitepaper, Metaface will solicit community opinion about buyback and burning tokens. This gives the community control over their investments. The token scarcity is increased by burning, which leads to more demand and a higher value over time.

The network also offers a rebate policy, whereby they will distribute 4% of each MFT transaction to token holders’ wallets. The holding per wallet will determine the Metaface rebate. This will encourage people to buy and hold the token. The coin will become deflationary due to the burning policy and the rebate.

High Liquidity Token

High liquidity is another characteristic of the MFT token. It will be simple to access this token and exchange it on the markets. In each transaction, 3% will be returned to liquidity pools to regulate the MFT token price.

The token will gain long-term value by leveraging liquidity through the 3% liquidity return policy.

Minting and buying NFTs

The token's third and final feature is minting. Token holders will be able to mint metaface NFTs, and then sell them to the market.

The token will allow users to buy NFT and it will also be used for minting NFT. It will be the primary currency used in the NFT marketplace. This token will be used to buy NFT.

Weekly Contest

Metaface token holders will be able to participate in contests that create game scenarios. The community will vote for the best design, and the creator will be rewarded with rewards.

Decentralized Exchanges

This token will be listed on the top Dexes where holders can trade in and out. Metaface's first Dex is Pancakeswap. The token can be traded to make a great source of income. Dex holders will be rewarded with the MFT token.

The Metaface NFT

Network members also note that the token can work in conjunction with the NFT to offer services. The NFT will be the most important asset in the Meta Thug game. NFTs are the in-game features and items.

To begin earning and playing, gamers must first buy the Metaface token. Once they have the token, they are able to purchase NFTs on the market. These NFTs will increase in value due to aspects like rarity, uniqueness, or features.